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About Motorized V-Ball Valve (Universal) Features


Motorized V-type ball valve

Motorized V-type ball valve, alias: V-type shut-off valve, V-type ball valve adjustment; This motorized ball valve is a fixed ball valve, but also a single seat sealed ball valve, the ball is the best performance adjustment, and its V-shaped cut between the metal seat With shear, especially for fiber, tiny solid particles, slurry and other media is the most popular under a ball valve.


 Motorized  V-type ball valve is a kind of ball valve, its closure is a hemisphere open V-shaped openings, V-shaped openings with sharp edges, in the course of the ball rotation, there is a wipe between the closing parts, the media has A strong cut-off force, the V-shaped opening of the sphere and the valve seat runner form a fan-shaped area, which can change the cross-sectional area of ​​the flow path during the rotation to form a precise adjustment of the medium, which is a rotary valve Sealing performance and the same as the ordinary ball valve, it also has two functions of regulation and switching, and pneumatic or electric actuator supporting, widely used in industrial process automation system.


    Material: stainless steel, cast steel, carbon steel, special dual phase steel, WCB, A105,304,304L, 316,316L, etc.


   Motorized V-type ball valve product features


    1, the valve body structure: the folder and flange V-type ball valve body is the overall side-mounted structure, structural rigidity, not easy to cause deformation and leakage.

    2, from top to bottom self-lubricating bearings: the valve body with up and down self-lubricating bearings, contact with the valve stem area, high carrying capacity, friction coefficient is small, so that the valve torque reduction.

    3, the seat can be based on the needs of media and working conditions, the choice of metal hard seal or PTFE soft seal: metal hard seal seat sealing surface surfacing carbide, spherical hard chrome or spray welding, ion nitriding hardening, So that the sealing surface to enhance the service life, temperature improved; soft seal PTFE seat or enhanced PTFE seat seal good corrosion resistance, to adapt to a wide range.

    4, economical and practical: the valve body light weight, stem torque is small, with the corresponding pneumatic or electric actuator specifications, compared with other types of control valve, cost-effective.


    5, the media to adapt to a wide range: the V-type openings and the valve seat between the shear force, and the valve cavity flow channel smooth round, so that the media is not easy to accumulate in the cavity, so it is suitable for liquid media, Suitable for system control with fiber and solid particulate media.

    6, small flow precise control: through the small diameter spool special V-shaped opening of the processing, can achieve a small Cv value of precise control.

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