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  • Product Name: WRT-422 PI controller
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WRT-422 PI control can measure temperature through either internally-mounted temperature sensor or external temperature sensor. The switch of internally-mounted or external sensor can be realized through a switching device. The control can figure out the position of actuator by proportional-integral control function so as to keep the target temperature at set point.
  (1) 2-loop PI controller;
  (2) 1 output for 0...10VDC or 0(4)...20mA;
  (3) 1 input for 0...5VDC, 0...10VDC or 0(4)...20mA sensor;
  (4) Optional connection for extermal NTC temperaturesensor;
  (5) 3 Relays controlled binary outputs, option for floating outside, 3A/250VAC
        One loop specially is used control to fan or pump;
  (6) Password protected programmable user and control parameters
  (7) Blue backlight.


Power Voltage:

AC24V 50/60Hz
Power consumption:
Setting range: 0~140℃ or 0-198F
Resolution: 0.5K
Sensing organ: NTC thermistor, 10k (at 25℃)
Ambient temp. range: -10~50℃
Humidity: 95%max
Protect rank:: IP30
Material of shell: ABS +PC
Dimensions (H×W×D): 86×86×37mm
(1) Air handing unit control principle
(2) Outside air uint control principle
(3) Heat exchanger control principle


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