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  • Product Name: Temperature sensor
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TS-1000 temperature sensor adopts NTC thermistor as sensing organ and is produced with fine package technology, thus owns the advantages of high sensitivity, strong stability, rust proof, long service life and easy installing. It stands for poor surroundings, for instance those of rather high or low temperature and high moisture. It can sensitively measure the temperature of air and water and effectively transmit signals to the control system to ensure the correct control of air and water temperature.

Temp. range: -50~150℃

Signal output:

Thermal differential: ± 0.2K

Ambient temp. range: - 20~60℃

Humidity: 95%max

Protect rank:: IP54

Material of shell: enhanced & fire-retardation ABS

Material of rod: Brass (nickel-faced)

Length of rod: 200mm

Mounting: Plug-in type
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