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P74JA differential pressure control incorporates two highly sensitive pressure elements which directly oppose each other. A change in pressure at either element causes appropriate positioning of the switch mechanism which is then used to control supplementary equipment such as motor actuated valves. The switch mechanism provides SPDT non-snap acting (floating) action; as such, the movable contact (common) is made to either of the two fixed contacts or positioned between the two (no contact made).
Differential pressure control is commonly used on water systems to control a pressure differential between supply and return lines. In atypical application the valve is located in a bypass line around the system pump. When the system pressure differential increases above the control's set point, the valve opens further. More water is diverted through the bypass valve, resulting in a reduction in system pressure differential. A reduction in the pressure differential causes the valve to begin closing and results in an increase in system pressure differential.
1.Single-pole, double-throw, totally enclosed non-snap acting Penn switch.
2. 1/4 in. flared tube pressure connection on the sensing element permits easy field installation.
3. Direct reading scale for quick set point determination.
4. Pressure differential setting can be easily changed without removing the cover.

Scale range: 50~414KPa

Operating pressure differential: 14KPa

Max. low pressure bellows overrun: 1241KPa

Max. allowable difference in pressure between bellows: 830KPa

Electrical rating: 1A AC220V 50/60Hz

Contact unit:SPDT, totally enclosed non-snap acting penn switch

Material of shell: cold rolled steel / gray baked finish

Mounting: horizontal installation or installed on special supporting bracket

Weight: 1.1kg

Ambient temperature: -1~60℃
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