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  Selection Guide

  If you need a detailed product selection guide, please contact our sales.

  Ⅰ. Valve

  Production selection has valve selection and actuator selection 2 parts. Please choose valve first, then you can find suitable actuator. All the ball valves can work well under the pressure of PN20, 200 Bar and 290 Psi.

  1. Material

  ● SS304: Drinking water, food equipment, and medical equipment. If for some chemical liquid with causticity, please consult us first. We can offer different kinds stainless steel. (See table 5)

  ●Hpb59-1 brass: Central air-conditioning system, heating system, water treatment system, agricultural equipment, husbandry equipment, industrial equipment like, oil cooling system, water cooling system, and Industrial water system. (See table

  2. Temperature tolerance range

  Normal temperature range is 2-90°. If you have special temperature request like -10-120°, please tell us before ordering.

  3. Flow characteristic

  ● Economical series: cheap price on/off control valve. (See table 1)

  ● Enhanced version: better quality on/off control valve. (See table 2.3)

  ● Flow control series: flow rate control valve. (See table 4)

  ● Linear flow characteristic series: V groove ball valve with V ball core. Please tell us before ordering. We can offer customized service.

  4. Flow direction selection

  Please choose the flow direction you need. Normally, WF01,WF02 and WF03 is in common use.