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When Pump Started, Should Output Valve be Closed?

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Under normal circumstances, start the centrifugal pump, in accordance with the norms should be the first pump cavity filled with media, close the outlet valve, and then open the pump, the purpose is: on the one hand to prevent the starting current is too large damage to the motor; the other hand, Loss of pressure, causing pump cavitation. But many problems can not be generalized!
Under normal circumstances, start the centrifugal pump, in accordance with the norms should be the first pump cavity filled with media, close the outlet valve, and then open the pump, the purpose is: on the one hand to prevent the starting current is too large damage to the motor; the other hand, Loss of pressure, causing pump cavitation. But many problems can not be generalized!
For low-flow low-lift pumps, the problem of shutting off or not closing the outlet valve is not large.
For large pumps are often slightly open exports, is to prevent the valve before and after the start of a large pressure, the outlet valve is not easy to start, so slightly open the export valve opening degree.
Some centrifugal pumps due to preheating and other needs, will export the valve a little more open.
If it is with suction, then, to fully shut out the valve, and then open the valve (not self-priming pump), but also open the pump exhaust valve.
For some special conditions, the outlet valve can not be opened, for example, liquid propylene, if the outlet valve first open, propylene are vaporized, the pump must not pressure, so it is certainly the first closure of the valve, the pump and then quickly open the valve.
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Above are said to be centrifugal pumps, for other types of pumps, the situation is as follows:
1, large flow of axial flow characteristics of the start - full valve start
Axial pump in the zero flow conditions, the maximum shaft power, rated shaft power of 140% to 200%, the maximum flow of the minimum power, so in order to start the minimum current, shaft power start-up characteristics should be large flow start (that is fully open Valve start).
2, mixed flow pump start characteristics - full valve start
Mixing pump in the zero flow conditions when the shaft power between the two pumps, the rated power of 100% to 130%, so the start-up characteristics of mixed-flow pump should also be between the two pumps, the best full valve start up.
3, the start characteristics of the vortex pump - full valve start
Vortex pump in the zero flow conditions, the maximum shaft power, rated shaft power of 130% to 190%, so similar to the axial pump, vortex pump start characteristics should be large flow start (that is, full valve start)