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Importance of part code of the valve product

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Material coding is the key technology to realize the informationization of the enterprise, and also the foundation of the advanced production management methods such as ERP and MES. This paper describes the function and general principles of enterprise material coding, and introduces the coding rules of copper valve parts of a valve company and the influence of the coding rules on the production management of the 
Material coding is the key technology to realize the informationization of the enterprise, and also the foundation of the advanced production management methods such as ERP and MES. This paper describes the function and general principles of enterprise material coding, and introduces the coding rules of copper valve parts of a valve company and the influence of the coding rules on the production management of the company. The set of coding rules combined with product characteristics and production process, a certain degree of versatility, the valve industry has a reference.
Manufacturing enterprise information construction is an important part of enterprise modernization management. Enterprise coding system is the basic requirement of modern management for manufacturing enterprises, all production materials related to production and related links, including raw materials, finished products, machine materials, personnel equipment, must have a unique logo. Unique identifiers can be used to record and manage items in a computer system. Therefore, there must be a one-to-one relationship between the logo and the item, that is, replacing the attribute of the item with the number, that is, the code in the usual sense. The enterprise will inform the enterprise production information through the coding system. For the follow-up into the relevant advanced production management system to do the bedding.
The principle of coding
Enterprise information coding is the most important material coding, material coding is the only code to identify the material. Like a person's identity number. Usually the material code consists of numbers, letters, symbols and other components, and different industries according to the production of the organizational structure, product characteristics, the preparation of different material coding. However, regardless of how the coding rules are different, you should follow the following principles.
(1) Applicability
The material code must be consistent with the product characteristics of the enterprise. It must accurately express all the material information and status of the enterprise and meet the demand for material information exchange (PDM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).
(2) Uniqueness
Material coding as a unique identification of production materials, should have a unique principle. The same material can only have a code, that is, to do one thing a code.
(3) completeness
In the modern production management theory, all the production elements involved in the manufacturing chain should be encoded, no code is allowed, or the old code is used instead of the new code.
(4) scalability
With the development of enterprises, the production of varieties of products will be more and more. Some products are phased out after their lifecycle, and some new products are developed according to the needs of the market. Therefore, in a reasonable coding length for the future of the new product set aside a certain code, you can easily expand.
(5) concise
The main function of the preparation of material coding is to facilitate the management and retrieval of materials, if the code is too complex, too many bits, it is contrary to the purpose of coding. Therefore, in the encoding as much as possible using numbers, letters and other conventional text symbols, to ensure that the manual input to reduce the probability of error.
(6) relevance
In order to achieve the ease of coding, to improve the coding recognition, the code associated with the product. This can also improve the artificial memory. Easy to find, reduce the probability of error.
Encoding function
By encoding the material. Can achieve the enterprise material information. Help enterprises to import advanced production management. The impact of material coding on production is mainly focused on the following aspects.
(1) the accuracy of information transmission
In the production process, the material needs to go through multi-channel handling turnover. Encoding of the material can effectively reduce the error caused by human transmission of information to ensure the correctness of the information.
(2) to facilitate the sharing and management of information
Material information can be stored in a spreadsheet format on a computer. Easy to share the material information, easy to material retrieval, modification and other management.
(3) to facilitate inventory management
Through the information of the material, you can achieve office automation, to facilitate the management of existing inventory, timely statistics of the monthly use of materials and so on.