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Touch Screen Room Thermostat
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Product description
Touch screen LCD Thermostat adopts the technology of intelligent fuzzy control and ultra-thin design. It can integrate with the interior decoration and very suitable for heating, cooling and HVAC system. 
Temperature setting range:     0~40℃       
Temperature display range:      0~40℃
Fan speed: High, Medium, Low, Automatic
Temperature sensing:              NTC 
Relative humidity:              90%RH        
Environment temperature:       -10~50℃
Power voltage:         230VAC±15%
Power:                         1.5W
Relay output parameters:AC250V   3A
Protect range:                  IP30
Size:           86mm×86mm×15mm
Standard configuration
A、Large Interactive touch screen, clear display with backlight shows even in the dark. 
B、Fan coil unit and motorized valve control;
C、Fan coil unit wind speed conversion--. High, Medium, Low, Automatic;
D、Locking function --- When locked, the temperature can not be set, and only heat & cool transfer, power on & power off and Fan speed setting ;
E、Lock hidden function--- This function can only operate when the thermostat in power offstatus;
F、Shell pieces for the silver or white colors;
1.Can adjust freely during 0℃~40℃,and display the indoor temperature. The indoor temperature can also display even thermostat in power-off condition;
2.4 regular Fan speed adjustment mode
3.Can connected to 2 wire or 3 wire motorized valve (2 way or 3 way) or air damper;
4.Cooling/heating mode;
5.Initial setup temperature(25℃) can be adjusted;
6.In the power off, press “Heat/Cool” key and then “Fan” key within 1S, you can lock. Press “Heat/Cool” key and “Fan” key within 1S, you can unlock.
7.Optional function: Power-down memory function, If power-on again after accidental power-down, it can save the last working state;
“Power” -Click this key, the thermostat is on. When press again, it is off.
“∨”and“∧” -Temperature setting key. Press “∨” once,the setting temperature would reduce and press “∧” once,the setting temperature rise 1℃. 
“Heat/Cool” -The key for cooling and heating and timing. Press this key repeatedly, and it would transit from cooling and heating.
Fan wind speed. Press this key repeatedly and set high, medium, low, automotive fan wind speed.
At Fan High or Medium or Low position, when the valve is on, the fan is running at high or medium or low position. when the valve is off, the fan keeps on running.
At Fan Auto position, when the valve is on, according to the temperature difference between room temperature and set temperature, automatically adjusting fan high / medium / low. the fan is running at high or medium or low position. when the valve is off, the fan will also turn off. 
“Clock” Timer:Press "clock" key, then enter the setting mode and the numbers would keep flashing. Press the “∨” “∧”to set the time. 
Setting temperature:
When the thermostat is off, press “Heat/Cool” key, and then press “∧”within 1S, it will setup to limit temperature of Heating. Press the “∨” “∧”to set.
When the thermostat is off, press “Heat/Cool” key, and then press “∨”within 1S, it will setup to limit temperature of Cooling.
Press the “∨” “∧”to set.
No operation in 3S, quit setting status automatically. Or you can press “power” key to quit.
We suggest installing the thermostat after the completion of the interior decoration.
Dimension and schematic
Wiring diagram and schematic
Wiring diagram and schematic 1--- Model: WRT-3510
Schematic 1
1.L for power
2.Output for valve on (250VAC,3A)
3.Output for valve off (250VAC,3A)
4.Output for FAN Low wind (250VAC,3A)
5.Output for FAN Medium wind(250VAC,3A)
6.Output for FAN High wind(250VAC,3A)
7.N for power
8.N for power
1. Install the thermostat on the indoor wall vertically. The distance to the ground is about 1.5m so as to make sure the thermostat can get sufficient air and fix the room temperature. 
2. Make sure the thermostat be placed away from direct light, windows and doors and cooking equipment or other heat sources.  
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