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Traps Introduction

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Steam traps, the basic role is to steam system in the condensate, air and carbon dioxide gas as soon as possible; at the same time to maximize the automatic prevention of steam leakage. There are many varieties of traps, each with different performance.
Steam traps, the basic role is to steam system in the condensate, air and carbon dioxide gas as soon as possible; at the same time to maximize the automatic prevention of steam leakage. There are many varieties of traps, each with different performance.
According to the different working principle of the trap, can be divided into the following three types:
❶ Mechanical: Operates by changes in the level of condensate in the steam trap
Float: Float is a closed hollow sphere.
Open up the buoy: float for the bucket with the opening up.
Open down the float type: float for the bucket down the bucket.
❷ Thermostatic type: operates by means of changes in liquid temperature
Bimetal: sensitive components for the bimetal.
Steam pressure type: sensitive components for the bellows or ink cartridges, the internal charge of volatile liquid.
❸ thermal power type: rely on the thermodynamic properties of the liquid changes and action.
Disc: due to the same pressure, the liquid and gas flow rate is different, resulting in different dynamic and static pressure, driven disc valve action.
Impulsive: due to the different temperature of the condensate through the two-pole series of orifice plate, will be in the two-pole orifice plate between the formation of different pressure to drive the valve flap action.